Sculpted Body, Sculpted Life

I returned to fitness at the age of 40 and I discovered that exercising not only reshaped my body, but my entire life: running helped me lose weight, cleared my mind, allowing me to think, dream, and consider possibilities that before seemed impossible; resistance training gave me courage, strength, and a tenacity toward pursuing, and becoming fearless with pushing back; and, through stretching I connect spirit with body, acknowledging and appreciating my value as a human being created in the image of God.
Exercise has shaped my life HOLISTICALLY: physically, spiritually, psychosocially, and intellectually…hence, my blog!
‘Sculpted Body, Sculpted Life,’ so names my blog because as a gifted sculptor skillfully chisels away what is not a significant part of the piece, so chronic exercise “chisels” away our body’s excess: weight, fat, stress, for example. Likewise, life, with all its ups, downs challenges, joys, pain, sculpts us, shaping us into who we are, how we think, and live.
The sculpting process is careful, methodical, planned, unexpected, and it is in this process that we are “made.” Exercise and life, respectively, sculpt us holistically.
We are sculpted by the way we think; the things that happen or not happen to us; the decisions we make AND don’t make; by parents, family, friends, leaders, peers, even enemies; by culture, education, events, acts of violence and kindness, to name a few,. By now we have all learned that life can be tough and it can also be good, and through each we are sculpted.
We do not always control what life brings, but we can choose our responses; one response to life is exercise. Science, Alternative and Western medicines, and millions of us who exercise all testify to the effectiveness of exercise contributing to our health, wellness, and fitness.
Living Through the BURN is another tag I sign with encouraging myself and you to continue living your best life as you live through all of life’s challenges.
Hi, I'm Karla!
…and welcome to my ‘Sculpted Body, Sculpted Life,’ my blog where you will find daily submissions of my ‘chiseled” and “burnt” experiences, exercise and its holistic effects in my life.
I am West Indian Black woman originally from the beautiful U.S. Virgin Island, St. Croix.
I am 48 years old, the mother to four AWESOME children, ages 12-22.
I was married for 27 years; it ended disappointingly.
I am a Bible-believing Christian, walking with Jesus almost 24 years.
I have Bachelors in Biology and Health and Wellness, and am completing a Masters in Exercise Physiology.
I am an avid learner and teacher.
Everything is not perfect, but knowing that I have choices…priceless!
There are many correlations between my faith and exercise, and I am on a quest to discover my destiny in them…this is my journey, and this is my story.


Have you stretched today?

Stretching is beneficial and contagious…Croix, our Basenji mutt, joins in my cool-down stretch!!!

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